The first Crypto event of its kind in Australia

Join us at the first Australian Crypto Convention for a deep-dive into Australia’s emerging crypto economy and network with industry professionals!

The global rise of cryptocurrency is dominating headlines around the world with fierce opinions on both ends of the spectrum from traditional investors and Crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency has surged to the top of most financial media networks. “Bitcoin is up”, “Bitcoin is down”, “Bitcoin is dead!” and “Bitcoin is stronger than ever!”.

Is the world ready for digital currencies? Are we developed enough for the major change that’s about to happen? Regardless, the digital world of cryptocurrency and blockchain has proven to be an unstoppable force that will only evolve and continue to thrive.

Whilst the world talks about Bitcoin, new digital assets are paving the way for different utilities. The Australian Crypto Convention is a look into the future, somewhere you can discover the new digital world.

Where is Crypto and The Blockchain Industry Heading and what can we expect in the near future?

Has the crypto market matured enough for crypto and Bitcoin to be considered safe?? Should investors have exposure to crypto despite their high volatility? What is the future of fiat currency and central bank-backed digital currency? Will crypto be heavily regulated? Where is the industry headed in 2022?