Hardware Wallet Provider – Coinstop joining as a Sponsor to the Australian Crypto Convention

We are proud to announce Australia’s leading hardware wallet provider, Coinstop, as a sponsor for the Australian Crypto Convention on the Gold Coast later this year!

Coinstop was founded back in 2016 when co-founder Johnathan Ross tried to purchase a hardware wallet for his cryptocurrency. After scouring the internet for hours, he discovered that acquiring one in Australia was not so easy. The only option was to order from Europe, meaning the wait time would be way too long, requiring payment in Euros and extremely limited customer service. That posed the question: were other people having trouble trying to purchase a hardware wallet in Australia as well? That’s when the idea of Coinstop came to fruition!

Johnathan brought lifelong friends Chris, Tim, Alex, Luke, and Dave on, and together they ordered Coinstop’s first box of hardware wallets. And as they say, the rest is history!

Coinstop has established itself as Australia’s leading and most trusted cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider, shipping the world’s best crypto storage solutions across the country. They have a heavy focus on security and privacy, educating their customer base about why both are so important in the cryptocurrency space.

And that’s exactly what they’ll be doing at the 2-day Australian Crypto Convention event on the Gold Coast this September.

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