Hashlock: An Illustration of Growth Through the Australian Crypto Convention

Wondering what impact an event like AusCryptoCon can have on your business? Read what difference AusCryptoCon 2022 made for Australia’s leading blockchain security and smart contract auditing firm, Hashlock.

From the Gold Coast community to Melbourne’s tech scenes, AusCryptoCon’s journey is incredible. This event isn’t just about trends, it’s about anchoring Australia’s future in crypto and Web3.

Hashlock isn’t just another name in Web3, blockchain security, and smart contract auditing. They’re Australia’s gold standard.

What’s the Hashlock difference?

  • Origin in manual analysis and community auditing.
  • Strong partnerships with global clients.
  • Creator of www.trustedweb3.io, with heavyweights like NSW Government and RMIT University backing it.
  • Awards from CoinmarketCap, Blockchain Australia, Fintech Australia, and more.

How did AusCryptoCon boost Hashlock?

Last year’s ACC participation didn’t just extend Hashlock’s network; it skyrocketed their revenue. Such a massive ROI made them this year’s Official Auditing Partners. They hail ACC as a must-attend for anyone in blockchain, urging, “If you’re interested in the blockchain industry, the ACC is the ideal stepping stone to break into this space.”

For many, Hashlock defines top-notch blockchain security. Their growth via ACC speaks volumes about the event’s massive potential in the crypto and Web3 world.

Read more about Hashlock here.

Three Pillars Driving Us:

Boosting Aussie Innovation:

Australia’s spirit is innovation. Last AusCryptoCon saw $80M deployed, showcasing the local genius of sponsors, exhibitors and attendees alike. AusCryptoCon is not just joining the crypto and Web3 race; they’re leading it.

Propelling Technological Growth:

Crypto, Web3, Blockchain: they’re the digital future. AusCryptoCon fuels this change by offering learning, sharing, and growth avenues.

Fortifying Our Community:

AusCryptoCon is more than an event – it’s a revolution. A meeting ground for visionaries and innovators. It’s the place to connect, learn, and shape the future.

To the stalwarts of the industry, names synonymous with innovation like Microsoft and EA Games, AusCryptoCon extends an invitation. It’s time to see beyond the term ‘crypto’ and recognise the sea of opportunities AusCryptoCon represents. This event is more than just a convention; it is a movement. A movement towards a brighter, tech-driven, interconnected future for Australia.

The future is here, because you are.

Ready to be more than just a spectator? The future waits for no one. Join us at AusCryptoCon this year. Sponsor. Exhibit. Make an impact.

Learn. Network. Have fun.